Jodhpur city tour

Jodhpur city tour


Welcome to Jodhpur, often known as the Blue City of India, where breathtaking views can be found around every corner. If you intend to tour this amazing city, Ayodhyataxi is here to ensure that your trip is hassle-free, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Let’s explore the reasons Jodhpur is a must-see location and how Ayodhyataxi may improve your trip.

Our Jodhpur city tour rates

1 Day Jodhpur city tour

  • Sedan INR 2000
  • Innova INR 3000
  • Crysta INR 3500
  • Tempo traveller INR 5000

2 Days Jodhpur city tour

  • Sedan INR 4000
  • Innova INR 6000
  • Crysta INR 7000
  • Tempo INR 10000

Exploring the Heart of Jodhpur

Magnificent Mehrangarh Fort
The majestic Mehrangarh Fort stands as a tribute to the architectural genius and rich heritage of Jodhpur.

History of Mehrangarh Fort

Rao Jodha constructed the fort in the fifteenth century, and it has seen many historical occurrences and provides an insight into the bravery of Rajput soldiers. It is impressive to see with its enormous walls and detailed sculptures.

Important Sites in the Fort

Discover the fort’s numerous palaces, each with its own distinctive architectural design and museums with fine collections of antiques, artwork, and weaponry. A Jodhpur city tour would not be complete without a stop at Mehrangarh Fort.

Jaswant Thada: Master of Marble

Just a short distance from Mehrangarh Fort is the stunning memorial dedicated to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, known as Jaswant Thada.

The Magnificence of Architecture

The edifice made of white marble radiates light in the sun, showcasing the exquisite latticework that epitomises Rajputana artistry.

Beautiful Views and a Calm Ambience

A must-see on every Jodhpur sightseeing tour, Jaswant Thada is surrounded by verdant gardens and placid lakes and provides a peaceful haven with breathtaking views of the fort and city.

Exploring the Traditions & Culture of Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace: A Majestic Estate
One of the biggest private homes in the world, Umaid Bhawan Palace is a fusion of Indian and European design.

Museum Tour

The Jodhpur royal family’s history is told through an intriguing collection of antique automobiles, clocks, and artefacts on display at the palace museum.

Experience a Luxurious Hotel

A portion of the palace is a five-star hotel where you may directly encounter magnificence and royal hospitality. Often, a visit here is the high point of a Jodhpur city tour.

Mandore Gardens: An Antiquated Haven

Mandore Gardens, a historical monument with old temples and memorials, was formerly the capital of Marwar.

Historic Temples

The temples in the park are devoted to different Hindu deities, and each one has a unique religious significance and elaborate design.

Gorgeous Gardens and Monuments

Take a stroll around the exquisitely designed gardens that are filled with statues of Marwar monarchs, portraying their illustrious history. For a taste of both history and nature, add Mandore Gardens to your Jodhpur sightseeing tour itinerary.

Experiencing the Dynamic Markets of Jodhpur

Market and Clock Tower in Sardar
Situated next to the famous Clock Tower, the lively Sardar Market is a shopping haven.

Shopping Pleasures

The market has a wide range of goods that showcase Jodhpur’s rich cultural past, from colourful textiles to handcrafted jewellery. Make sure this is a stop on your Jodhpur city tour.

Local Foods and Treats

Savour the flavours of the region with treats like mawa kachori and mirchi vada, which will make you want more.

Nai Sarak: A Haven for Handicrafts

Handicrafts from Nai Sarak are well known, especially the bandhani and leheriya sarees.

Rajasthani traditional clothing

Discover exquisitely designed traditional clothing that highlights Rajasthan’s distinctive vivid colours and elaborate patterns.

Memorabilia and Souvenirs

Get distinctive mementos and keepsakes, like as woodwork crafts or pottery, to commemorate your Jodhpur sightseeing tour. Any trip that takes visitors around Jodhpur must include a stop at these markets.

Exciting Adventure Trips Near Jodhpur

Osian: A Haven in the Desert
A visit to Osian provides a sample of the beautiful dunes and historic temples of the Thar Desert.

Safari Camel
Savour the excitement of a camel safari while riding across the dunes in the desert and taking in the stunning scenery. It’s a wonderful addition to any  Jodhpur sightseeing tour.

Old Osian Temples

See the exquisitely carved temples of Osian, which have elaborate construction and date back to the eighth century.

Village of Bishnoi: Immersion in Culture

Take a trip to Bishnoi Village to fully experience Rajasthani rural life and culture.

Village Safari:

Go on a safari to discover the community, talk to the people living there, and discover their customs.

Conservation of Wildlife and Natural Environments
The Bishnoi people have a reputation for being committed to protecting wildlife and the environment and for having a distinctive take on sustainable living. For a deeper understanding of the area, incorporate this cultural experience into your Jodhpur sightseeing tour.

Culinary Journey in Jodhpur

Must-Try Rajasthani Cuisine
Enjoying Jodhpur’s delicious cuisine is a must-do while visiting the city.

Dal Baati Churma
Dal Baati Churma is a traditional Rajasthani meal that combines sweetened wheat crumbs, baked wheat balls, and lentils in a wonderful way.

Laal Maas
Laal Maas is a dish that lovers of spices must taste. A mixture of aromatic spices and red chilies are used to prepare this spicy curry of mutton. To experience the authentic flavours of the area, incorporate these meals into your Jodhpur city tour.

Well-known Restaurants in Jodhpur
Jodhpur has a wide range of restaurants, from traditional to modern, to suit every taste.

Conventional Dining Establishments
Visit traditional eateries to enjoy the genuine warmth and cuisine of Rajasthan.

Adventures with Street Food
Discover the thriving street food scene and indulge in mouthwatering, traditionally made local fare. Make sure to try some street food during your Jodhpur sightseeing tour.

Comfortable Travel with Ayodhyataxi

A Well-Maintained Fleet of Cars
Ayodhyataxi provides a fleet of clean cars to guarantee a comfortable and hassle-free travel. Our services improve your Jodhpur sightseeing tour.

Professional and Polite Drivers
Your journey will be entertaining and educational because to our drivers’ skill, courtesy, and knowledge.

Simple Reservations and Reasonable Prices
It’s easy to book your ride with Ayodhyataxi. We provide affordable prices without sacrificing comfort or quality. We can arrange you a quick trip or an extensive  Jodhpur Sightseeing tour.


Jodhpur captivates visitors with its unique fusion of adventure, culture, and history. Ayodhyataxi makes sure your trip is seamless and pleasurable, whether you’re touring magnificent forts, exploring local markets, or indulging in mouthwatering cuisine. For an unforgettable trip around the captivating Blue City, pick Ayodhyataxi.

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Jodhpur city tour

1 day Jodhpur city tour

Sedan INR 2000, Innova INR 3000 for 1 day jodhpur city tour

Itinerary-Start your day at 8:00 AM with a visit to the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, followed by a quick stop at the serene Jaswant Thada. Then, head to Umaid Bhawan Palace for a glimpse into royal history. Enjoy a traditional Rajasthani lunch before exploring the bustling Sardar Market and Clock Tower. In the afternoon, unwind at Mandore Gardens. for booking call us or Whats’app us.

Day trips from Jodhpur

2 days Jodhpur city tour

Sedan INR 4000, Innova INR 6000 for 2 days Jodhpur city tour

Itinerary-On the first day, start at 8:00 AM with Mehrangarh Fort, followed by Jaswant Thada, and then head to Umaid Bhawan Palace. After a traditional lunch, explore Sardar Market and Clock Tower, concluding the day at Mandore Gardens. On the second day, visit Bishnoi Village in the morning, return to Jodhpur for lunch, then relax at Kaylana Lake. also you can customized your itinerary.

for booking call us or Whats’app us on +91- 7878549195

2 days Jodhpur Osian tour

2 days Jodhpur Osian tour

Sedan INR 4000, Innova INR 6000 for 2 days Jodhpur city tour

Itinerary-On the first day, start at 8:00 AM with Mehrangarh Fort, followed by Jaswant Thada, and then head to Umaid Bhawan Palace. After a traditional lunch, explore Sardar Market and Clock Tower, concluding the day at Mandore Gardens. On the second day, visit Bishnoi Village in the morning, return to Jodhpur for lunch, then relax at Kaylana Lake. In the late afternoon, explore the ancient temples of Osian and enjoy a camel safari, ending your tour with a rooftop dinner in Jodhpur.

For booking call us or Whats’app us on +91- 7878549195

3 days Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour

3 days Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour

Sedan INR 10000, Innova INR 15000 for 3 days Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour


Day1-Start your journey in Jodhpur with a visit to Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, and Umaid Bhawan Palace on the first day, followed by shopping at Sardar Market and a relaxing evening at Mandore Gardens.

Day2-On the second day, depart for Jaisalmer and explore the Golden Fort, Patwon Ki Haveli, and the beautiful Jain temples. In the evening, enjoy a camel safari and sunset at the Sam Sand Dunes.

Day 3-On the third day, visit Gadisar Lake and Bada Bagh before heading back to Jodhpur, wrapping up your trip with a rooftop dinner overlooking the city.

For booking call us or Whats’app us on +91- 7878549195

Inclusions- only car with driver and parking and toll, driver allowance.

FAQs for Jodhpur city tour

What is the best time to visit Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is most enjoyable from October to March, when the weather is moderate and ideal for sightseeing.

How can I book a taxi with Ayodhyataxi?

Using Ayodhyataxi to book a taxi is simple. Bookings can be made via our website, or customer support line.

Are there any special offers for Jodhpur tours?

Yes, Ayodhyataxi regularly provides unique Jodhpur tour packages and discounts. For the most recent specials, visit our website or get in touch with us.

What safety measures does Ayodhyataxi follow?

Ayodhyataxi puts your safety first by making sure that cars are regularly cleaned, that drivers have health screenings, and that all safety procedures are followed.

Can I customize my Jodhpur tour itinerary?

Of course! Tour packages from Ayodhyataxi can be tailored to your own interests and preferences.

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Jodhpur city tour

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Hire tour guide in jodhpur

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