Bus hire in jodhpur

bus hire in Jodhpur


It can be very difficult to arrange a large group trip, particularly in a busy city like Jodhpur. Having trustworthy transport is essential whether you’re organising a large tour, a corporate event or a wedding. This is where Ayodhyataxi comes in, providing excellent bus rental in Jodhpur services to meet all of your needs for group travel.

Bus hire in Jodhpur Price

  • 21 seater Bus INR 35  per km
  • 27 Seater bus INR 40 per km
  • 41 seater bus INR 55 per km
  • 52 seater Bus INR 65 per km
  • Volvo 41 seater bus INR 110 per km

Why Choose Ayodhyataxi for Bus Hire in Jodhpur

Ayodhyataxi distinguishes itself from the competition by its dedication to client happiness, immaculate fleet of buses, and expert service. By using Ayodhyataxi, you’re guaranteeing more than simply a bus rental—you’re assuring a cosy, risk-free, and joyful trip for all parties. Never has bus rental in Jodhpur been so easy!

Understanding the Need for Bus Hire in Jodhpur

The Charm of Jodhpur

Jodhpur, sometimes referred to as the Blue City, is a culturally rich city with a wealth of historical sites and bustling markets. Getting about this city in a big group without the proper transit can be challenging. Bus hire in Jodhpur guarantees that your group may hassle-free enjoy the city’s splendour.

Events and Occasions Requiring Bus Hire

Hiring a bus becomes necessary for many occasions, such as school trips, family reunions, weddings, and corporate gatherings. It makes it possible for everyone to travel together, encouraging friendship and making sure nobody gets lost. Ayodhyataxi’s bus hire in Jodhpur is the best option for these occasions.

Types of Buses Available

Bus hire in Jodhpur

21 seater bus

  • Perfect for smaller groups, mini buses offer a cozy and convenient way to travel around Jodhpur.
  • They are ideal for family outings or small corporate groups looking for bus hire in Jodhpur.
  • for local INR 6000
  • for outstation INR 35 per km.
27 seater bus

27 seater bus

  • They are ideal for family outings or small corporate groups looking for bus hire in Jodhpur.
  • for local INR 8000
  • for outstation INR 40 per km
bus hire in Jodhpur

41 seater bus

  • they are perfect for big groups looking for bus hire in Jodhpur, for 40 adults.
  •  for local INR 10000
  • for outstation INR 55 per km
Volvo bus

41 seater Volvo bus

For those who seek comfort and luxury, Ayodhyataxi offers premium buses equipped with modern amenities. These buses are perfect for weddings, high-profile corporate events, or any occasion where you want to travel in style. When you think of bus hire in Jodhpur, think luxury and comfort.

  • for local INR 25000
  • for outstation INR 110 per km
52 seater bus

52 seater bus

  • they are perfect for big groups looking for bus hire in Jodhpur, for 52 adults.
  •  for local INR 10000
  • for outstation INR 55 per km

Benefits of Hiring a Bus with Ayodhyataxi

Comfort and Convenience

Ayodhyataxi makes sure that every bus has plenty of legroom, air conditioning, and comfy seating. With bus rental in Jodhpur, group travel has never been more enjoyable!

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are polite, professional, and knowledgeable about the roads in and around Jodhpur. They guarantee a seamless and secure travel, letting you unwind and relish the experience. You’re in good hands when you hire bus in Jodhpur from Ayodhyataxi.

Affordable Pricing

Ayodhyataxi provides affordable prices without sacrificing product quality. There are numerous packages available to meet a range of needs and budgets. Inexpensive bus hire in Jodhpur are now possible.

Customizable Packages

We are aware that each journey is different. Because of this, Ayodhyataxi provides customised packages that let you adjust the bus hire service to your unique requirements. Ayodhyataxi is the best choice when it comes to customised bus hire in Jodhpur.

Corporate Bus Hire Services

Corporate Events

With our dependable bus rental services, you can ensure a flawless business event. With regard to bus rental in Jodhpur, we can accommodate any type of event, including conferences, seminars, and corporate parties.

Team Outings

Organising a group trip? Our buses offer the most convenient and comfortable means of team transportation. Choosing Jodhpur bus hire would ensure hassle-free team outings.

Conferences and Seminars

Use Ayodhyataxi’s effective bus rental services to make sure your conference participants have timely and hassle-free transportation. Look no further for a professional bus hire in Jodhpur.

Bus Hire for Weddings and Social Events

Wedding Transportation

Use our luxurious buses to add even more distinctive touches to your wedding day. By hiring a bus in Jodhpur, you can comfortably and stylishly transport your guests.

Family Gatherings

With our roomy and cosy buses, you can get your family together for picnics, reunions, and other events. Enjoy bus hire in Jodhpurs for family gatherings.

Religious Events

Organising a religious event or a pilgrimage? Our buses make sure that everyone goes together, fostering a feeling of cohesion and solidarity. dependable bus hire in Jodhpur for every event.


With Ayodhyataxi, hiring a bus in Jodhpur has never been simpler or more dependable. For all of your group travel needs, we provide the best possible service, from opulent comfort to reasonably priced rates. Are you prepared to reserve your bus? Make your trip unforgettable by a bus hire in Jodhpur by visiting our website or getting in touch with us right now.

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FAQs for Bus hire in jodhpur

What is the minimum bus hire duration?

The type of bus and the particular needs of your journey determine the minimum hire duration. For thorough information on bus hire in Jodhpur, get in touch with our customer care.

Can I get a bus with a tour guide?

Yes, you can hire a tour guide in addition to your bus with Ayodhyataxi. During the reservation process, be sure to bring up this necessity. In Jodhpur, guided bus hire in Jodhpur can be arranged.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, Ayodhyataxi prides itself on honest pricing; all costs are included in the booking confirmation and there are never any additional costs when hire bus in Jodhpur.

How do I modify or cancel my booking?

You can use our website to change or cancel your reservation, or you can get in touch with our customer support agents. Please be aware that depending on when you cancel, there can be fees associated with it. Adaptable bus hire in Jodhpur options.

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